March 15, 2019

About Us

The world is undergoing major transformations in transportation technologies to address traffic, pollution, safety, cost and other factors.

The Seattle area has several major companies as well as startups that bring innovative solutions to this arena. Smart Mobility Seattle (SMS) is a forum to foster technologies that address these challenges and opportunities. 

Primary Mission:

The primary mission of SMS is to help startups as well as companies large and small to bring new mobility technologies to market. The following are the key functions SMS helps with:

  • Investors: Enable investors interested in this domain to discover new startups and ideas they could invest in. These can be local startups as well as non-local.
  • Startups & emerging companies: Provide a forum to present/pitch your ideas and technologies to investors and large corporates to attract investments, partnerships, employees and customers. 
  • Corporates: Provide opportunities to identify potential technology companies to partner with that are aligned with your roadmaps and goals. 

Technology Focus Areas:

  • Automotive: Connected, smart, autonomous, electric and zero emission vehicles
  • Shared: Ride sharing, car sharing, scooters, bikes, etc.
  • Commercial: Next generation trucks, fleets, autonomous delivery vehicles, logistics technologies. 
  • Aerospace: Reusable rockets, space exploration vehicles, rovers, satellites, drones and related.
  • Vision, AI & Robotics: Various AI and robotic technologies addressing enabling next-gen mobility solutions.